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New York Pin/T-Shirt Theme/Design Competition

NYSOMA is looking for your help to create/design the pin or World Finals T-Shirt for the 2016 – 2017 year. The winning design/theme will be used as New York’s Odyssey of the Mind theme. We also might take an idea that is submitted and use it as the “inspiration” for the final idea. So get together with friends, family, or team members to design, create, and summit those ideas.

What should I be thinking about when I come up with my idea?

The New York pin and shirt should be a symbol of the state or include the state in the theme. Also to be considered is the pin represents New York at the World Finals. Some questions to consider might be:

  • What is in style right now?
  • What is a popular trend/theme right now in the schools or around the state?
  • Will people be drawn to this pin(s)?
  • What will make it unique?
  • What can be done with the pin(s) to make it creative?
  • Could this theme be made into a set? Why would someone from New York want this pin?
  • Why would someone from New York not want this pin?

We get a lot of great themes/designs. We are looking for something that is creative, unique, represents New York, and has that WOW factor.

What do I do if I can’t draw or get to a scanner?

We will still love to have your idea. We are looking for you to create general mockups of your design/theme so we can get the general idea. Even if you could submit a rough drawing that would be extremely helpful. If it not possible to get a drawing to use, try to be as descriptive as possible so we can get a clear idea of what you are trying to get across. The more details you give will help the artists and pin company transform your words to a pin.

How Do I Submit My Design?

Interested in submitting your design or idea? Follow these simple steps below to make that dream a reality:

  • Timing: Check the Status at the top of this page: are we accepting designs? The time during which to submit a design falls between Competition Day and September 1st of any given year.
  • Digital Format: Did you draw your idea on paper? If so, scan it into a computer into any readable file type (e.g., JPEG, PDF, etc.). If you already created it on a computer or are typing out the idea, then great!
  • Email Your Design: Email your design to with your design files attached. Also be sure to include: 1) Your name, 2) Your age, 3) A phone number at which you can be contacted, 4) Your email address, 5) Your city, and 6) Your school information (if applicable). Please put “Pin Design” in the subject.

And that’s it! The winner of the design competition will be notified in the Fall of his/her success, and then the process will start all over again for the next year’s theme!