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World Finals 2018 Information

2018 World Finals

May 23 – 26, 2018

Iowa State University

Our Pledge

“Odyssey of the Mind is in the air, in my heart, and everywhere. My team and I will reach together, to find a solution, now and forever. We are Odyssey of the Mind.”

NYSOMA is New York State’s governing body for administering the Odyssey of the Mind program as defined by Creative Competitions, Inc . It is the sole source of Information about the Odyssey of the Mind Program, its problems, problem definitions, problem clarifications, terms of participation and other program specific information.


Sales Flyer

Order Form     

Pin Sales at ISU

Each year NYSOMA takes some of the remaining pin stock to World Finals to provide some last minute purchases if you are interested. There will be three sales hours where you can take advantage of this. We keep this activity low key since it is happening on the University campus. The location will be the Gateway hotel which is one of the Officials hotels.  You can take an “Officials” bus to the hotel, up the steps into the lobby entrance and look to the right to find a small group of people with NY shirts or hats in the lobby area. Don’t ask at the front desk, they won’t know anything about it.  Linda Fiacco will be running the sale. Payment by cash or check. Times are:

  • Roughly 1:30 to 2:30 Wednesday afternoon so it is before the Coaches meeting that starts at 3:00 and goes to 4:30.
  • Thursday from ~7:30 to 8:30
  • Friday from ~7:30 to 8:30


Click on the image to view the complete set or larger image.

Apple with Icons

2018 Apple with Icons

Remaining: 1

Apple with Words

2018 Apple with Words

Remaining: 1

Creativity Rules

2018 Creativity Rules

Remaining: 1

Headless Horseman Set

2018 Headless Horseman Set

Remaining: 1

Rainbow Horseman

2018 Rainbow Horseman

Remaining: 1

Statue of Liberty

2018 Statue of Liberty

Remaining: 1


2018 Torch

Remaining: 1

Zombie Horseman

2018 Zombie Horseman

Remaining: 1

Blue Camo Statue

2017 Blue Camo Statue

Remaining: 668

Omer Apple

2017 Omer Apple

Remaining: 983


2017 Pokeball

Remaining: 283


2017 Bulbosaur

Remaining: 33


2017 Snorlax

Remaining: 83


2017 Wheedle

Remaining: 108


2017 Meowth

Remaining: 62


2017 Rapidash

Remaining: 18


2017 Pikachu

Remaining: 81

OmerLand Set

2017 OmerLand Set

Remaining: 334

Omer with Umbrella

2016 Omer with Umbrella

Remaining: 132

2016 WF Duct Tape Pin

2016 WF Duct Tape Pin

Remaining: 49

2015 World Finals

2015 World Finals

Remaining: 348

2014 Set (4 pins)

2014 Set (4 pins)

Remaining: 428

Center Pin

2012 Center Pin

Remaining: 236

Pin 4

2012 Pin 4

Remaining: 107

Pin 1

2012 Pin 1

Remaining: 69

Pin 6

2012 Pin 6

Remaining: 71


2011 Oval

Remaining: 3

Super Snyps Blinkie

2010 Super Snyps Blinkie

Remaining: 6

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